Writing Team Rochelle Maria Muzquiz and Greg Kerr

Comedy Writing Team Rochelle Maria Muzquiz and Greg Kerr

Rochelle Maria Muzquiz and Greg Kerr are a writing team based in Los Angeles. They’re also an odd pairing: Greg is an introverted, slightly autistic computer nerd, while Rochelle is an extroverted, fiery Mexican American actress. When Greg cast Rochelle in his web series and asked her to co-write some scenes, they discovered a creative spark between them. After mistaking this spark for romance, they broke up but continued to collaborate, and now they find unlikely relationships and odd couples as a recurring theme in their scripts.

Greg has his master’s in writing from Portland State University, and Rochelle has taken several college-level screenwriting courses focusing on TV and film. They’ve also trained as a team in the Career Writer Program at Roadmap Writers. Together they’ve written comedy and sci-fi drama scripts and have filmed their work in the U.S., India and South America. Greg’s sci-fi drama film, UNREMEMBERED, won several awards at film festivals internationally, while Rochelle’s mockumentary film, HALF-QUAKED, won best comedy at the Oregon Independent Film Festival. They now live in Los Angeles writing mostly comedies that put opposite characters in funny situations to learn the value of differing perspectives in working together.