Exceptionals Series Poster

Credits: Creator, Actor, Writer

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Rochelle plays the world-traveling, amateur detective Marnie Vega in Exceptionals, a new original series she co-created with Greg Kerr.

Exceptionals follows the lives of a group of people who have unusual genetic traits that confer advantages on them that are much like super powers. The series is drama and includes high concept science fiction and thought-provoking dialogue and situations.

When seemingly normal people from all over the world discover they have exceptional abilities, they must learn to harness their powers to combat assailants, protect secrets, alter events, and ultimately band together to confront a mysterious force.

The trailer below highlights just one character, Brynne Vaness, as she travels from Portland, Oregon to Varanasi, India to Las Vegas, Nevada. At first, she’s on a quest for knowledge, then on a flight for survival. (Note: the Brynne story arc was originally planned to be a self-contained web series, but it is now included in the main Exceptionals series.)