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Twin Empire
Credits: Co-creator, Actor, Songwriter, Producer

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In 2014, Rochelle and her twin sister Renée got a wild hair (as they do) and wrote and produced a music video called “It’s So Hard (Unemployment is a Full-Time Job).” With it they launched an ongoing project (actually, a revolution!) called Twin Empire.

Twin Empire is an original comedy project based on the true life adventures of Rochelle and Renée Muzquiz. These adventures usually include music.

Read the about page for Twin Empire here to find out more.


“It’s So Hard (Unemployment is a Full-Time Job)”
Song Composed by Rochelle and Renée Muzquiz
Video Directed, Filmed (on iPhones!) and Edited by Rochelle and Renée Muzquiz
© 2014 Twin Empire

“You’re 40 Now (But You Don’t Have to Grow Up!)”
Composed and Produced by Renée and Rochelle Muzquiz
Guitar, bass, vocals: Renée Muzquiz
Drums, Percussion, vocals: Rochelle Muzquiz
Camera Operator: Kelly MacLachlan
© 2015 Twin Empire