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Credits: Co-creator, Actor, Songwriter, Producer

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Twin Empire is an original comedy project based on the true life adventures and projects of identical twins Rochelle and Renée Muzquiz (who are famous, though nobody knows it).

About the Muzquiz Twins

A creative two-er de force!

Renee and Rochelle Muzquiz, America’s #1 rated twins according to JP Power & Associates, originally hail from the suburb of Plano, Texas. Born by Cesarian section in the roaring ’80s, the Muzquiz twins learned to popple and fraggle their way through life.

In grade school, Renee won countless drawing contests while Rochelle swept the community spelling bees. Teachers, administrators, and important community members consistently praised the twins for their undeniable talents. Doublemint and Coors Light commercials informed them that they were inherently special, collectively sexy, and also minty fresh. These affirmations, combined with the twins’ blind optimism, laid the groundwork for an unexpectedly disappointing adult life.

The real world was harsh to the Muzquiz twins. Employers didn’t understand the value of two people who looked exactly alike. The accolades became fewer and farther between. Crestfallen and completely clueless, the twins picked up guitars and took acting classes to find solutions.

In 2008, the Muzquiz twins emigrated to a foreign land called Portland, Oregon, where the inhabitants understood their plight. Welcomed into the arms of freelancers and dreamcatchers, the twins were taught that nothing is real unless you say it’s real and that, no matter what, the universe has your back. It must have been destiny, then, that they were both released from stable job situations to begin their lives as celebrities.

Now, the Muzquiz twins enjoy more success than ever in their heads and on Twitter. They have developed into musicians, actors, and leading experts in credit card company negotiation. Not only are they brilliant, but they are extremely humble about their success, too!


“You’re 40 Now (But You Don’t Have to Grow Up!)”
Composed and Produced by Renée and Rochelle Muzquiz
Guitar, bass, vocals: Renée Muzquiz
Drums, Percussion, vocals: Rochelle Muzquiz
Camera Operator: Kelly MacLachlan
© 2015 Twin Empire